Information about Intermedia classes. contains documentation for the career retrospective of artist Hans Breder as well as information about the Intermedia program at Iowa during his 33-year tenure there.

2004 content

2003 projects

frem dish

3-channel web video piece for the show Konsum des Fremden in Dortmund, Germany. This is translatable as "consumed by the others/strangers/aliens." Frem Dish approaches the theme of the exhibition by examining identity as a cultural construct as constructed by "comfort" and "national" foods. Use link above to view piece (broadband - 5 minutes, approximately 12 MB). The main site for the project is located here:

The exhibition ran from October 5 - November 2, 2001.


Documentation about the Trace-Structures web and video conference project between the University of Iowa, the University of Oklahoma, the University of Dortmund (Germany) and the Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, Oregon) — November 27, 2001.